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The “Be Selfish” campaign invites young runners to lean into the millennial stereotype and run completely selfishly with an in-app fitting, a pace trainer, and a unique way to run with friends by linking up on the app and running together, wherever.


They call you the “Me Me Me” Generation. You’re entitled, lazy, selfish. Everything’s about you you you, isn’t it?

So lean into it. Be selfish.

Because you’re also the Burnout Generation. Everything feels like an uphill battle. The odds are not in your favor.

But the ground is still there under your feet. So get into your running gear. Put on trainers made for you. Jog in place a little, hype yourself up. Go.

Run a mile, a 5K, a marathon. Run with friends. Run with your dog. Run for ice cream. Run for the endorphins. Run for you.

Prove the haters right.

Be selfish.

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Together Wherever 5K

Brooks will host the first ever 5K with no location to get to, no long check-in, no crowds: just a date and start time. The starting line is anywhere you want it to be.

And because we know you want that selfie, runners are still mailed a bib to wear for the event and a medal upon completion of the marathon.


CW: Lauren Weiss
AD: Tori Roy, Cara Resnick